Toring Turbine is innovative and sustainable company, and as such we participate in various projects supporting the regional development of young entrepreneurs.

Our aim is to help young companies giving them useful information from our experience and the best examples associated with some of the well-known Slovenian institutions, which can be precious for young companies.

We are also involved in the University Development Center and Business Incubator (UIP), as well as member of the Chamber of Commerce. UIP is the institution that encourages and promotes the entrepreneurial culture and the creation of new knowledge-based enterprises, especially among young people, students and researchers. UIP is founded in 2006 by the University of Primorska and Gea College – Business College.

Prepared for further development projects, we supported UIP in a way that we have become their patrons (sponsors) for the year 2016. The proceeds will support the emerging companies that are nominated for the best company in our region.

As part of our support to UIP we participate in development projects with the involvement of students of higher education improving the business climate in the entire region.